The chart below displays data (temp °C and humidity) uploaded to the Telos Blockchain by a Raspberry Pi with some external sensors.
You can adjust some parameters to choose different sensor data or time scale. You can read the DApp development tutorial on Medium.

Contract Data Query
Sensor Dapp Parameters
Telos Account
The user account on the Telos blockchain the desired sensor data is registered to. For demo purposes use the provided account (sensorsmesh1)
Sensor ID
Each sensor cluster is tied to a registered ID. You can find sample demo data on ID 1 for the default user account
Sample Window
This application relies on the history capabilities of some Telos nodes and so this parameter indicates how many actions into the past will be requested from the node. Since the number of data points and sensors are not known prior to the history retrieval you may have to adjust this parameter to achieve the desired time resolution.
Time Window
Plot only data samples with timestamps in the selected time frame.